Thursday, July 9, 2009

For Fabulously Fresh Freeware!

=: Newsletter Subscribers Who Use HotMail :=

Subscribers to our free weekly newsletter, who have used a HotMail address, are not receiving their newsletters because Microsoft, in all its wisdom, has decided that this opt-in newsletter is "spam" and is blocking us from sending you your newsletter.

The Microsoft "service" that is blocking our legitmate mail says:

    Windows Live Hotmail also enables each user the ability to set filter levels to further improve the delivery of e-mail to their account. Users can easily add a sender or domain name to the Allowed Sender List so that the e-mail from that sender or domain is never treated as junk regardless of the content of the message. Users can configure the settings to accept only messages from the Contacts and Safe Senders List, giving total control over which messages are received.
Please set your HotMail filter to allow mail from "" to ensure your newsletter gets delivered.

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